7 Things Should Not Do on Facebook & Twitter when Engagements

If you are single and do not have a target man, do not ever post the following on social media Facebook, Twitter or Path. That’s because there are some posts that make men so potential ilfil with you, that makes you will continue being single. Here are 10 things you should not have posted on social media, as summarized from Caroline Devine.

1. Every Minute Change Status
You no longer look so attractive when everyone knows your life every minute. Every time you change positions, you create a status. You could even be labeled as a woman looking for attention.

2. Status Restless
Make status on grief into singles or recall the former is not a good way to be expressed in social media. You will be judged as a woman sad and difficult move on. Continue reading “7 Things Should Not Do on Facebook & Twitter when Engagements”

Leader Attitudes Affecting the Health of Workers

An incompetent boss not only make the office atmosphere becomes less favorable. Leadership poor person can cause health problems for the workers.

This is evidenced in a study. The researchers found a strong link between poor leadership and heart disease.

As quoted marie claire, according to researchers, the lack of support and response from the bosses make workers feel pressured. This can lead to unhealthy behaviors such as smoking.

Research conducted in Sweden, studied more than 3,000 men who worked for nearly a decade. Researchers found that if a person works with a bad boss for four years or more, the chances of serious heart disease increased by 64 percent.
Continue reading “Leader Attitudes Affecting the Health of Workers”

7 Signs You’re Ready to Find a New Lover

Breakup is painful and create confusion. No one can deny it. But the world will not end just because you are no longer with her lover. Over time, feelings of sadness and disappointment goes away by itself and you are ready to explore a new romance. When the moment comes? That’s when you’ve felt the seven signs move on this, as reported by Time Gal.

1. Not Crying Again
When you are not angry and tears are not flowing again as he remembered how the former hurt, this is a sign that you can begin to move on. Are you feeling feeling neutral and volatile again when he met the former? Or you’ve been able to manage emotions remain calm when dealing with him? If yes, you can be sure that your heart is ready for another man better.

2. No More Talk About Ex
If you are talking about a former lover to friends, colleagues and family, it means that the past is still haunting feelings and thoughts. You can not just once does not address in any conversation about it with others. Which means, you still can not move on. But when you are unconsciously never again talked about it for one, two weeks or even months, a sign you have managed to free the mind from the shadows. Continue reading “7 Signs You’re Ready to Find a New Lover”

How to Make Kids Birthday Party to Save Budget

When having children, money is not just out for the needs, food, clothing and toys. When a child is one year old would, the parents began to think of making a birthday party. How to make a party with limited budget?

Celebrated my birthday children often make parents who have limited funds to be discouraged. Moreover, if the see-saw, a lot of the party needs to be purchased. However, if the birthday child as young as toddlers, a lavish party was not really necessary.

There are many ways to make a party with minimal funds. First, starting from the invitations. Rather than buying invitations so you can start with make own. Try colorful paper cut into 6-8 pieces. Then make it a puzzle. A unique invitation is created.

In addition to the invitation, which can also be saved when creating a child’s birthday party is buying goodie bag and its contents. Do not buy goodie bags at the supermarket or the mall. Why not come to markets , to obtain various forms of goodie bags at bargain prices. There are also many non-food fill goodie bags that can be purchased. For example, school supplies, tableware or dolls. Continue reading “How to Make Kids Birthday Party to Save Budget”

Men Doubt Reveal 8 Things This in Beloved

Dealing in a long time, does not mean nothing is withheld from each man. Men often can not simply express what they feel or think about their partner. That’s because there are things which a man is better kept to himself. Or worry if expressed in, or asked, could offend or hurt his lover. Here are nine things he expressed doubts to his girlfriend, as reported by the Times of India.

1. He Salary Achieved
For men this question seem to trap and very disrespectful. As if she was humbled and considers her eye. The man can tell a raise or promotion that he got, but not how much salary earned, be it large or small. Media professionals, Dipti Sahu, said that men tend to be more competitive than women, so they cover things that are judging their income.

2. Financial Balance
The modern era of allowing women to have a job as a career woman and have the same opportunity as men in employment. But basically he wanted them to remain on duty as a breadwinner in the household and the woman in charge to take care of the household. Continue reading “Men Doubt Reveal 8 Things This in Beloved”

How to Eliminate Scar Naturally

With the development and advancement in medicine and technology scar removal becomes simple and easy. There are surgical methods that can help you to get rid of scars. Some of these methods include laser surgery, collagen injections, chemical peels, and so on. In addition to surgical methods there are natural ways that can eliminate scars effectively.
Here are some natural ways to get rid of scars:
Use lemon juice to get rid of scars. Lemon is considered a natural bleach and helps in lightening the scars and blemishes on the skin. To remove existing scars on the skin try rubbing lemon juice twice a day for 15 minutes on the skin the scars are.
You can also use Rosehip Seed Oil to remove the scar. Rosehip Seed Oil is a special kind of oil used in most skin care products and have proven very useful in removing scars. To get rid of scars you have to massage the skin with a scar contained this oil for 15 minutes. Continue reading “How to Eliminate Scar Naturally”

Tips For Smooth And Soft Hands

The hand is very necessary for our existence. We use it for everything we do every day. Therefore, our hands are often exposed to external aging factors such as UV rays, chemicals, cold weather and dirt.
Although we can not completely stop the aging process, we can do a lot to slow down the aging process. You can care for your hand through the following tips:
1. Bring your moisturizer all the time. After washing your hands, immediately apply a moisturizer. Massage moisturizer until your skin has completely absorbed the product.
2. Choose products that are loaded with natural ingredients such as CynergyTK, Phytessence Wakame and Nano Lipobelle HEQ10.
3. Wear gloves when washing dishes, clothes or taking care of your garden. You should avoid direct contact with the chemicals and dirt. Continue reading “Tips For Smooth And Soft Hands”

Ageless Tips

Every woman would want to be beautiful and youthful. However, lifestyle, diet, and other causes can make your stress and make your face is not bright. So, here are tips ageless things you can do:
1. positive thinking
Your mind can affect your body. No wonder stress can lead to illness and too much thinking can make your face look older. Thus, positive thinking and accept the problem as a good thing.
2. Choose the right cosmetic products
Choosing the right cosmetic products can have adverse effect to your face. Thus, know your skin type and use products accordingly. Do not just look at a particular price or a certain brand.
3. Use sunscreen
Ultra violet rays can cause dark spots and wrinkles on your face, so protect your face with sunscreen if you have to leave the house. Thus, your face will look clean. Continue reading “Ageless Tips”

Calm Mind With Good Habits

Accumulation of thought can lead to stress. You certainly do not want this to happen, right? Someone who often feel anxious and always think negatively tend to be susceptible to stress. So, Overcome this by building a habit so that you can be more calm in the face of any problem.

Each person would have the habit, and there were some nice habits that can help you avoid stress. What are they? Consider the following explanation, as quoted from Woman’s Day.

Breathing with the belly
Try to breathe with occasional stomach or diaphragm, not the chest. Breathing like this can increase the amount of oxygen in the blood and triggers the brain to reduce the concentration of stress hormones. You can practice by lying on your back and look at the movement of the abdomen while breathing. If someone is breathing properly then it should belly up and down every time breathing, while the chest is less mobile. Continue reading “Calm Mind With Good Habits”

How to Make Long And Thick Eyelashes Naturally

Having long eyelashes, thick and beautiful is the dream of many women in the world. Part of the lucky lady has long eyelashes and bushy from birth, but those of us who do not, there are many options we can use to get eyelashes longer and thicker. One of the best ways to get the lashes longer and thicker is the natural way. Here is a natural way that you can use to get longer lashes as you want.
1. Vaseline – put vaseline every night is one way to get your lashes grow longer. Before you put vaseline clean your lashes before mascara and makeup, then use a small clean brush applicator to put a little vaseline. Do not forget to wash vaseline in the morning! Continue reading “How to Make Long And Thick Eyelashes Naturally”