Detection of State Health Conditions Through Nails

During this time we may assume that the nail is only one part of the body that does not have a meaningful function. But it turns out nails can be important clues to health.

Yes, if you find a change of color on your nails like a little white, wrinkles or waves, it can be a clue that something is wrong with your body. The problem could be in the heart, lungs, and heart.

Here are some secrets to identify the condition of your body from seeing your nails, quoted by WebMD.

Nail Colour Pale

Nails that are too pale or white color sometimes associated with aging. But it can also be associated with signs of serious diseases such as anemia, heart blockage, heart problems and malnutrition.
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Myths about Women’s Body

The human body is to save a million mysteries. Some myths too often believe the truth even if it has not been proven to date. As with myths related to women and their bodies.

Compiled from Live Science, here are some of the myths behind female body that circulate in the community.

Doctors can find female virginity
Although using a magnifying glass, the doctor was not able to determine accurately whether a woman is a virgin or not. It’s been proven through research, and tearing of the hymen is not the only trait that she has lost her virginity.

“Some people think that women are meant torn her hymen was not a virgin, but not necessarily the case,” explains Dr. Rachel Vreeman of Indiana University.
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High Risk While Walking

The prohibition to use cell phones while driving, is one of the rules that may have become very common and we’ve heard repeatedly. The ban is of course related to the safety factor of the driver and other road users. But according to a study, the pedestrians who use mobile phones are also not free from danger on the road.

Researchers from Seattle city, USA, found that as many as 29.8 percent of the pedestrians in danger of traffic accidents while crossing the street while using or interacting with the cell phone. The danger is even greater when compared to the drivers who were driving while interacting with the phone, as revealed in some previous studies.

The study was conducted during the summer of 2012 by experts who observed the behavior of 1,102 walkers in 20 crossroads city of Seattle, the city with the highest number of accidents involving pedestrians. The researchers conducted studies at 8 to 9 am, 12 pm to 1 pm, and from 4 to 5 pm.

The researchers also noted some of the activities undertaken by the pedestrian was carrying a cell phone or gadget. As a result, as many as 11.2% of pedestrians busy listening to music with earphones, 7.3% focused texting, and 6.2% were seen engrossed in the phone. However, observations showed that pedestrians texting looks so incredibly focused, so that ruled his safety on the road. Continue reading “High Risk While Walking”

Couples Find Out Lies

Good communication is important in a relationship. Maybe you’ve experienced when the couple blessings that he would go with his friends, but one of his friends just call you to ask how she was. Does it mean your partner lie?

How do you know your partner is lying or not? If they lead to mixed messages, then it’s time to look for other signs. The most obvious sign is the body language of your partner.

Richard Newman, a researcher of body language, sharing tips on how to detect lies. In his research on Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Newman trained more than 6,500 people from 29 countries that successfully use body language and how to read the signs in everyday life.

“The best way to uncover the lies someone is taking note and unfamiliarity irregularities. In addition to the tools that can detect lies, that must be considered are the signs of stress, anxiety, and depression, “says Newman, as quoted by Yahoo! She.
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Creating Little Feel Comfortable in Rooms

Having a baby is a desirable thing married couples. Finally, when the desire will come true, start preparing all the needs of the “little angel” with a complete and well-planned.

One of preparation it is the bedroom a comfortable and safe. Needs room for “little angel” is actually important, but simple. Its function will be dominated activities such as for sleeping babies, comfortable place to change diapers, wash, sit while feeding, cuddling, and put him to sleep in your arms.

Keep in mind, safety and comfort for your child needs to be prioritized. Do not just interested in the furniture and funny stuff that you put everything into the baby’s room. Undoubtedly, the room would be packed like a barn and less unsightly.

For that, you have to use baby furniture is new and safe. Dig up as much information as possible about safety before you buy the goods. In fact, if possible, some of the furniture can be made to realize the built-in models.
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Attendance Transsexual In Central Community

Life by making yourself look different from others is certainly not an easy thing. Especially if the environment was skeptical and did not receive any differences. Similarly felt by transsexuals.

Being a minority does have its own risks, one of which is excluded from the community. The transsexuals along with the movement of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) wants to change the view of many people that their presence is not something dangerous and they are also entitled to a normal life as the community at large.

Although reform and progress toward democratic societies have been open, but is still a lot of discrimination against human rights and pluralism are still a lot going on in Indonesia. Not only in terms of religious freedom, minority sexual orientations and gender identities are still far different from the forms of protection.

Denmark, the UK, Brazil, USA Nations, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Canada, South Africa, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, Iceland and Argentina, is a country in the world that has given the freedom of sexual orientation and gender, which even has legalized same-sex marriage since a few years ago. Continue reading “Attendance Transsexual In Central Community”

Some Things That Affect Mood

Psychological conditions easily change depending on the situation. It’s quite normal, but the important thing is how people are able to convert every situation in a positive way. There are several things that can affect mood, which are as follows.

Food handling can affect the physical conditions, such as nausea and abdominal pain, and liver conditions. You become irritable, less focused, more aggressive, nervous or hyperactive. If you are suffering from the mood changes that continue to occur, try to keep your intake of foods with a record of what you eat and its effect on mood.

Lack of vitamin D, B (particularly B6, B12 and folate), and Omega-3 fats can also cause depression and anxiety. Try to add rich content of nutrients in your diet.
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Habits Good For Skin Care

It’s amazing how as we grow older we are much wiser, about what we should or should not eat, what should we do to our skin that this should be done when we are teenagers. If in adolescence we treat skin properly then later we will not deal with the skin look older than our actual age. Because we do not take care of it very well many years ago, we should strive to improve the situation was out of control and in some cases we will not succeed to fix it. All it takes is a little discipline and we all still have skin that looks younger than our age if we can take care of it properly. But the important lesson here is that we must teach our children to make good skin care habits when they are young.
Start good habits early
Cleanliness is one of the most important things that should be done by a child or teenager to keep their skin healthy and younger looking. Cleaning the skin begins when a child is learning to wash their hands and face and continued into adulthood to become a major part of their daily routine. Skin clean is very important especially in maintaining the condition of the skin that is not acne.
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According to Men, Make ‘Em Eat Meat Looks More Masculine

Never seen a lover or friend of man meat with gusto? Consciously or not, the chances of it being their attempt to look more masculine in the presence of ladies.

This is not mere conjecture, but it has been proven scientifically. Research shows that most men believe by eating steak, burger, or processed red meat will make them look more manly than men vegetarian.

Professor Hank Rothgerber of Bellarmine University in Louisville, Kentucky, United States explained that eating meat is often associated with a symbol of virility and power. Hank statement based on research that has been published in the journal ‘Men and masculinity’.

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Mom Who Work More Productive at the Office

Housewives should not only be at home to take care of children and husbands. Many believe that housewives have special properties that quality if they come back to work.

According to a survey conducted by mobile phone manufacturers O2 said two-fifths or 41 percent of a woman identified as the boss of a mother who can do many things that I can share the good times. A third housewife who works stated more motivated and more focused at work because they have to provide free time after work for family.

A total of 33 percent also stated housewives who work, sense of responsibility increases and dependable in work.

The study was conducted by a company that manufactures mobile phones O2. The phone company, in order to examine the campaign ‘working mums’. The campaign called for women who have had children, keep working.
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