Refresh Brain In A Natural Way

We certainly know if the brain is the driving source of any actions taken by the five senses that we have. Without it we can not live. Therefore, it is better we need to provide “food” is healthy for our brains.

So what should we do? There are several ways that you can use to keep your brain fresh despite the (new) in the environment that adversely affect your brain.

Sound and light alloy

Sound can cause deleterious effects on the body and soul, but harmonious voice a positive impact. Do everything possible to reduce noise pollution. Record voices and listening soothing to the ears a few minutes each day.
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Behind Negative Affect comfort Sandal Pinch

Behind it was a comfortable and practical in use, flip-flops it can have negative effects for its users. Thus the results found in a study, as summarized from Magforwomen.

What are the negative effects arising from the flip-flops? Check out his review below,

Not supporting an arch and heel of the foot

Flip-flops do not give support to the foot, unlike other sandals and shoes. This was due to a flat shape. This situation is not capable of supporting the arch of the foot and heel shape perfectly.

Save more than thousands of bacteria
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Troubleshooting Sensitive Teeth Right In

Have you ever had a condition in which a sudden you feel a pain that is so severe on your teeth while drinking a cold soda or eat chocolate? These conditions mean that you have sensitive teeth.

Sensitive teeth is a common problem that is very unpleasant. Usually it happens when you’re consuming food or drink that hot, sweet or sour.

Before you use a certain toothpaste or go to the dentist, you should know what is causing your teeth to become sensitive. Reported everydayhealth, ten causes sensitive teeth problems commonly experienced that;

Have Gum Disease

Gum disease gets worse with age. Gum problems may be the cause of sensitive teeth in older people. Therefore, you should consult with your doctor about the best treatment procedures.
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Creating a Comfortable Body Massage In Feet

Solid work activities that you live every day often would bring its own problems. Being tired, loss of passion and no spirit of a scourge that haunts everyone. Especially women who are also married, day at the office even when I got home still need to take care of the family will surely worsen mood.

Without us realizing it, a bad mood can hinder performance. How not, try to imagine if you have a presentation in front of a client or conduct a meeting with a bad mood. It can make you lose the spirit of the work that eventually abandoned the job.

Actually a lot of ways to solve this problem, such as by eating regularly and nutritious and balanced enough rest. But if the need is not able to help you cope with stress, try a foot massage or foot massage. This method is proven to be effective to release the tension on the nerves and blood circulation to your body.
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Start a Healthy Life by Changing Routines

For some people who live in big cities, healthy habits is one thing that is quite difficult to do. They reasoned solid routines and work environment that is less supportive, one factor they fail to support a healthy lifestyle. As a result, we are hearing more and more often these diseases began to attack the inhabitants of large cities.

But if you are an individual who lives in the capital and want to get rid of bad habits for the sake of health, or just a man who wants to change unhealthy routine, then you can listen to the steps for a healthier life below.

Identify bad habits

The first step to start living a healthier life is to recognize the bad habits that you do regularly. Eating fast foods, avoid vegetables and fruits, and lack of exercise, are some common habits that greatly affects the quality of your health.

Begin to identify your bad habits and change these habits for the sake of your health. It will not be easy, but you should start now.
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Quick Build Quality Personal Health

Many of us who do not have time to exercise because it is too busy in their daily activities. Though exercise must be done to keep the body healthy condition. But do not worry, because it turns out there are some shortcut methods that you can still do to keep a healthy body.

Perform cardiovascular activity

Well this is done 30 minutes every day of the week. The surgeon suggested that activity every day will help lower the bad cholesterol (LDL), raise good cholesterol (HDL), and improve cardio health, reducing the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

The next best thing: Take 3 times each walk 10 minutes each day.

Establish 10 minutes of your lunch time to walk away.
Several times use the stairs instead of using elevators.
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Healthy Teeth Avoid Impotence Risk

Lazily brushing was not only an impact on tooth decay and gum inflammation, but also increases the risk of erectile dysfunction or impotence in men. Similarly, according to the latest research conducted by scientists from Turkey, as summarized from the Daily Mail.

The scientists added that gingivitis may increase the risk of impotence to three times higher, compared with men who healthy.

The study uses the method of comparison among 80 men aged 30-40 years with the problem of impotence, with 82 men in the control group with no erectile problems. As a result, about 53 percent of men with erectile dysfunction were also experiencing gingivitis.

When results are matched again with other factors such as age, body mass index, income, and education levels, men with severe periodontal recorded 3.29 percent more likely to experience erectile dysfunction than men who did not have gum problems.
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Nicotine In Body Cleansing Food

Smoking is one unhealthy habit. You already know the bad content in it, one of which is nicotine. Nicotine is the addictive substance found in tobacco. These substances can increase blood pressure and the risk of lung damage.

In addition, despite quitting smoking, effects of nicotine remains will last for many years. For that, you have to know which is good for cleaning the intake of nicotine on the body. As reported by Boldsky, here is a good healthy diet to remove residual nicotine in your body.

One type of green vegetables are a source of food rich in vitamin C and B5. The habit of smoking can reduce the amount of vitamin C in the body. By eating broccoli, you can reduce the levels of nicotine from the body and restore the previous content of vitamin C decreases.

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Increase Creativity Joint Nature Green

When the idea did not come or too much to think that it is difficult to concentrate, try sometimes you close to nature. A recent study revealed that being in the middle of a green area not only helps improve physical health, but at the same spark creativity. Thus the results of research that was launched from the site Medical Daily.

Interestingly, these findings were reported by a group of researchers from two separate universities, the University of Utah and the University of Kansas, both of which are located in the United States.

Professor David Strayer, one of the authors of the report from the University of Utah concluded that human interaction with nature can provide both tangible benefits. And the benefits can be measured.

The study, also published in PLoS One on December included respondents consisted of 30 men and 26 women, with an average age of 28 years. The respondents took part in a hiking trip to the wilds of Alaska, Colorado, Maine, and Washington for 4-6 days, without bringing any electronic devices. Continue reading “Increase Creativity Joint Nature Green”