Proper Food Pre Menstrual Syndrome Overcome

Each month, before menstruation comes, women usually start to feel dizzy, weak, a little pain in the lower abdomen, or a lazy move. There also will feel your body become weak and tired, weight gain, acne, sore waist. These signs you are experiencing PMS, premenstrual syndrome alias.

That’s because the hormone estrogen progesterone don unbalanced. Estrogen levels are higher than progesterone. Hormones are also involved, which causes different symptoms in each person and cause blood sugar levels to be low.

PMS symptoms start attacking the 10-12 days before menstruation and usually goes away after coming months. However, PMS should not be considered as psychological or mental illness. Because scientifically, PMS occurs due to an imbalance of body chemistry associated with minerals and vitamins that the body needs.

But do not worry, because you can handle it with food. Reporting from cyberhealth, nutritionist Sue Gilbert said that the food can maintain hormonal balance, it can also reduce the symptoms of PMS. These foods consumed below recommended before menstruation: Continue reading “Proper Food Pre Menstrual Syndrome Overcome”

Mark Unique Signal Interference in Body

Each person must have experienced hiccups, twitching, or ears suddenly buzzing. And unfortunately, we always ignore these things because it was considered a mild case of problems.

But apparently it can not be taken lightly. Dr. Karen Wolfe, author of “Create the Body Your Soul Desires”, saying that the body is experiencing a twitch or hiccup can be a sign that your body is experiencing mild impairment.

Experiencing twitching In Eye

An involuntary movement provided by the parts of your body is a sign that your body is lack of rest and sleep. Even health experts agree, 99% due to spasms in the eyes of your body wracked with stress and extreme fatigue.

There is no other way that you can do to stop it other than a twitch of the eye and allowing the body to rest your eyes. Compress your eyes with warm water for a few moments is also very helpful. Continue reading “Mark Unique Signal Interference in Body”

An Aspirin At Heart Attack Arrived

Many ways you can do to stay healthy. However, many people do not choose it, and stuck in a bad lifestyle. So no wonder that you are exposed to serious diseases before entering old age.

One of the major human killer is heart attack. Because if not dealt with promptly, the patient may die instantly. Aspirin is known as a solution and reliable as first aid to deal with sudden cardiac arrest.

As quoted from, a heart attack is actually triggered by the rupture of plaque in the coronary arteries. Rupture of these plaques cause blood clots and clogged arteries. In the end, the heart muscle needs a steady supply of the artery was then dead.

According to Dr. Virend Somers, M.D., Ph.D. of the Mayo Clinic, heart attacks often occur in the morning and afternoon. However, if a heart attack strike at night when people are sleeping, there may be something wrong with her, such as a snoring sleep.

First aid when heart attacks occur in the morning are advised patients taking aspirin. After that, contact medical experts for further treatment. Continue reading “An Aspirin At Heart Attack Arrived”