Activities That Can Interfere Psycho

To support the activities of daily living, physical health must be maintained as best as possible. However, there’s always a nightmare, good body, mind, or soul. Mental disorder is not necessarily schizophrenia, or often called crazy.

Psychiatric disorders could also be a behavior that is not healthy for the soul as a whole. Attractions include addictive attitudes, or addiction, and violence are some of them. As summarized from detikHealth, check out some of the following behaviors that are not healthy for the soul.

Internet addiction
Having thousands of friends on facebook friend list or followers on twitter is not a guarantee that a person skilled in the mix. Relationships that exist in cyberspace often merely camouflage, to cover up the failure in relationships in the real world. Usually when someone feels insecure, he will try to become a person that others in cyberspace.
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Interior Home Can Increase Weight Loss

If you believe in the theory that all objects and living things have energy, then you should also believe that the furniture and items in your home can lead to weight gain. Please be listened to


Because the price is relatively expensive or even very expensive, then at least this stuff is one of the most comfortable at home. The resulting potential is that you are too lazy to move after this place. Often you fall asleep here.

A study shows that the couch can make the fat in our body more comfortable. If you have a sofa that is not padded and have a little cushion so the least we can burn about 350 calories while using it.

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Best Food To Have Healthy Teeth

It is the dream of every person to have a healthy and strong teeth. One of the best ways to keep guard is to brush your teeth after meals and before bed.

But apparently, there are other ways you can do to maintain healthy teeth and keep always remain strong, that by eating some foods that contain essential nutrients for teeth you have.

Milk and Yogurt without sugar

In addition to calcium content, milk and yoghurt have a low level of acidity that can slow the erosion of the teeth.


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